Indeed which have Miscavige the guy covers gender in the a disgusting trend tend to

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Indeed which have Miscavige the guy covers gender in the a disgusting trend tend to

Something I have had knowledge of. My favorite way of ensuring my communication might have been acquired is actually giving because of the FedEx signature expected. Yes, somebody in the office signs for this, however it is very likely to rating notice than simply current email address and additional forms.

Taunting anybody. To make enjoyable of these etc etcetera. No factual statements about Hubbard apart from what is actually protected during the Barefaced Messiah or any other cities.

My wager – Miscavige try impotent and can’t get it upwards. The guy dislikes people, dislikes sex, dislikes people – what performed LRH state in the anybody that way?

Think there have been two anyone that has discover – Shelly and you can TC. Not surprising Shelly might have been vanished and you may Miscavige possess TC’s files.

Newcomer, Lazy Morgue, and that i Yawn: my idols, saying just what a lot of possess envision, but did not have this new bravery.

Some of the evidence on DHS’s own internet site are duplicated verbatim and tend to be the following (with my statements inside parentheses, predicated on my very limited “never-in” understanding):

A) Does the person come fragmented regarding family relations, family relations, society groups, otherwise home off praise? (without a doubt, and DHS even uses the phrase “disconnected”)

B) Enjoys a young child avoided gonna college? (whilst Farm has been shuttered, there are lots of other “schools” you may want to here are a few to ensure that they’re up on educational requirements you expect of the children)

But have zero knowledge of real sexual punishment towards the their part

C) Has the person got an abrupt otherwise dramatic change in decisions? (I might consider this to-be the situation for some most of the this new Ocean Org representative)

D) Is the people puzzled otherwise baffled, or exhibiting signs of rational or physical punishment? (you have got plenty of societal testimony about your both mental and physical violations of just one David Miscavige in particular)

E) ‘s the people fearful, shy, otherwise submissive? (definitely, this is what keeps very them, Water Org associate otherwise public Scientologist, “in-line”, because of the anxiety about disconnection and being submissive by simply heading plus the church’s wishes/requests to hold their family undamaged)

In my own study of relative cults, of course, if an individual frontrunner gets anywhere near this much energy, such LRH and you may Miscaivage, there has long been some type of intimate immorality/punishment perpetrated of the chief

F) Really does anyone let you know signs of having been rejected restaurants, water, sleep, or medical care? (go here are a few people who find themselves already way of life, or perhaps to be much more exact, “imprisoned” in the Opening for the Int Ft otherwise towards RPF)

G) Is the individual tend to together with you to definitely which she or he defers? Otherwise a person who seems to be responsible for the problem, age.grams., where they go otherwise exactly who they communicate with? (glance at the girlfriend of the so-called church’s own “Ecclesiastical Frontrunner” at the this lady history social looks during the the woman dad’s funeral service into the 2007)

I) Is the person surviving in unsuitable conditions? (maybe you is to do the regional/state department out-of public health towards the Hole to accomplish an review and just have to myself)

J) Does the person lack personal assets and appear not to have a constant way of life condition? (bing “Bohemian Rhapsody audio seating” and let me know when it seems that most of these person’s traditions facts might be experienced “stable”)

K) Does the individual possess versatility of motion? Is also the individual freely hop out where they live? Are there unreasonable security features? (once again, you will want to take a look at the Opening at the Int Legs to track down answers to these inquiries…..which is flirtwith profiles, whenever they will enable you to for the as a result of the “unreasonable security features” in the Int Ft)

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